Around the North Atlantic

The North Atlantic Circuit taking in many of the North Atlantic Islands

Below you will see a Google Map of the North Atlantic Ocean with lots of little baloon markers shown. On this map you can zoom in our out and you can hold your cursor down and transit up or down, left or right. For some of the baloons you will most definitely have to zoom in but you may be rewarded when you click on any of them with a brief description of what was happening at the time.

Madeira» Canaries» Cape Verdes» Barbados » Trinidad and Tobago» Grenada » Tobago Cays » St Lucia » Martinique » Iles Des Saintes » Guadeloupe » Antigua » Saint Martin/Sint Maarten » St Thomas » Culebra » Puerto Rico » Bahama Islands » Nassau » United States of America » Culebra » Bermuda » Horta » Praia de Vitoria »

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