Fellowship and Service

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Introduction by our Founder Chairman

Mr. John Little

"Toddington Round Table – No.1118 was inaugurated on the 15th May 1973 and received it’s Charter at a dinner in Parkfields school hall on Friday 22nd March 1974. We were guided in our start-up by Paul Forster, Peter Henman and Brian O'Hara of Dunstable Round Table, who excellently performed the task of the 'Extension Committee'.

It was my very great pleasure and honour to be elected founder Chairman.

For thirty years Toddington Table provided a meeting place for like-minded young men and used their combined skills and energy to undertake a host of activities to benefit the community . As members reached the age of forty they retired from table to ensure that it remained a young men’s organisation. But to maintain the close bonds of friendship they could join 41 club so named for the minimum age requirement. Many of the founder members of Table remain in 41 club today.

Regrettably, in the light of falling numbers Toddington Round Table No1118 was dissolved on the 30th April 2004. I, like many of the past members, feel that the years we spent in Table were of great value to ourselves and the local community. These web pages are therefore dedicated to our Round Table and 41 Club years and the people who made it so special.

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John Little
Founder Chairman
Toddington Round Table No 1118
11th November 2021