Trinidad and Tobago

Lat & Long shown below each named port

The Twin Island State

Our first port of call, having left Barbados, was on the island of Tobago. We sailed into the magnificant Man-O-War bay on the top Western coast of Tobago. It was like we had truely arrived in the Caribbean, a lovely bay with beautiful beaches, clear waters and surrounded by hills covered in trees. A really remarkable first land fall.

The town of Charlotteville is an outstanding town, beautiful with it's very own 'cricket pitch' right in the center of the town, and really friendly lovely people.

TOBAGO - Charlotteville

11°19'36.6"N - 60°33'05.1"W

When we headed ashore to check in to Trinidad & Tobago (the twin island state) with the local authorities in Charlotteville. The local people gave us directions to the local Police Station. When we arrived we found there was noone there and there was a note on the door saying the Policemen were at lunch and would be back shortly. We waited and eventually two Policemen arrived and were in a very jolly mood, apologising to us for the delay. They were very friendly and, as is usual in the Caribbean, we got onto discussing the forthcoming cricket match between the West Indies and England. We were very pleased to be in Charlotteville and had received a somewhat late but very enthusiastic welcome. Following our 'checking in' the two Policemen gave us permission to call in at any other ports on the way down to Trinidad, a privilage that is not given to everyone. We spent a lovely time in Charlotteville and had reason to be very grateful to the local people later that evening. Stupidly, I (Alan) put down our ships documents and passports when we agreed to help a local guy get out to his boat, using our dinghy. Even worse, I failed to pick up our papers and passports folder when we had completed the task of helping the guy and we were walking around the small town when I realised what I had done. Running quickly back to the jetty, I found the folder was gone and that really started to worry me a great deal. I asked many local people if they had seen my folder and was basically told not to worry as they would have been found and handed into the Police Station. So off we headed to the Police Station and saw the on duty Policeman. He took note of everything that I told him about how stupid I had been and how I had come to lose all our documents. The Policeman seemed very calm and continued to ask me specific questions about the contents of the folder. I suddenly dawned on me that he we also smiling a great deal and eventually he put me out of my missery by telling me that one of the local people had picked up the folder and realised what they were and had taken them directly to the on duty Policeman at the Station. Everyone told me that I was very lucky that it was in Charlotteville that I had been so careless and said quite clearly if it had been in any other town on the island I may not have got them back. I am forever grateful to the people of Charlotteville who showed us great kindness and very much restored my faith in human nature.

TRINIDAD - Chaguaramus

10°40'41.4N - 61°38'35.5"W

TRINIDAD - Port of Spain

TRINIDAD - Turtle Watch

10°39'06.2"N - 61°02'07.2"W

TRINIDAD - Asa Wright Nature Reserve

10°43'05.2"N - 61°17'53.8"W

TRINIDAD - Swamp and Red Ibiz

10°36'18.3"N - 61°26'04.3"W

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