The Origin of Toddington Round Table

An invitation was sent to a group of suitably qualified young men

A meeting was held

(at the Green Man, Eversholt), to discuss the possibility

Guided by the 'Extension Committee' The Inaugural Meeting was held

A resolution to form a new Table in Toddington was formally made.

The resolution was carried

Area 42 Chairman Mr Reg Fossey
made the declaration that
Toddington Round Table was officially formed
and that it's number would be 1118.

10 Months later our Toddington Round Table Charter was presented by Area 42 Chairman Reg Fossey to our Chairman John Little at Charter Night Celebration meeting

General images of our Charter Night - March 22nd 1974

The Origin of Toddington 41 Club

After Louis Marchesi formed the first Round Table on 14th March 1927, the following year, a second Club was formed in Portsmouth and before long there were Round Table Clubs forming across the United Kingdom, Ireland and world-wide.

Seven years after Liverpool Round Table was formed in 1928, the members who had reached retirement age and had so much enjoyed Round Table life, typically found that they could continue in membership if they became honorary members. The numbers of honorary members within the club grew to such that in 1936 they formed the first 41 Club. Ex-Tablers’ from other clubs soon followed suit, but the outbreak of the Second World War slowed things down a bit.

However, following the end of the war in 1945, four clubs, hosted by Wakefield 41 Club and supported by Liverpool 41 Club, London Old Tablers’ Society and Lytham St Annes 41 Club, met at Wakefield on the 13th May 1945 and, after considering and rejecting other names in typical Round Table banter, formed ‘The National Association of Ex-Tablers' Clubs’.

It all started by a 'Chucking Out Party'

Though no-one can be quite sure where the idea of having a 'Chucking Out Night' came from (many other organisations do have them so maybe we just took the basic idea from general practice), it became the normal way of saying farewell to Tablers who reached the ancient age of 40. This generally consisted of a very rambunctious party at some local or area hostelry.

Since the inception of Toddington Round Table, a great number of men have passed through it's ranks and, many of them went on to join Toddington 41 Club.

Toddington 41 Club, unlike in Round Table, do not get involved in 'projects' as such (the members are far too old for that milarky lol). The Club is basically a 'dinner club' but it does help local Tables in things like the Christmas Float and it does raise some funds for donations to Charitable Organisations or for local community needs.

The Toddington 41 Club Charter

Our original 41 Club Charter, a bit beer and wine stained (from the celebrations no doubt), but original nonetheless.

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