Charitable Events

Help For Others

Round Table and Ladies Circle, carried/carry out Charitable activities (fund raising, charitable events such as Charity Walks), many of them as joint efforts. The follow on groups 41 Club and Tangent are generally now restricted to assisting Round Table and donating to various local area causes.

Charity Walk


Macintyre School - Deep Litter House

On the third Table year, our old mate Peter Denton took over as Projects Committee Chairman and we waited with bated breath to hear what Peter and his lads had come up with as our project for the year.

Imagine if you will, the comments that came from Tablers when we were told we were to build a 'DEEP LITTER HOUSE' for the Chickens at Macintyre School. Yes you can imagine I am sure the comments that were made and the nick names that were arrived at for this venture. Undaunted, our Mr Denton took the whole derision in his stride and went on to explain what was required.

As usual the guys and gals all pitched in and the final Litter House was a great success. Another example of all the skills that were available using only our Round Table and Ladies Circle members

Toddington RT Fete On The Green

East Anglian Air Ambulance Support

Hedley's 969 Miles with A Chair and A Bear.

In August 2021 our very own Hedley Denmark rode 969 miles, for E.A.A.A. raising £3632. A great effort.

The plan, 3 x 300 mile rides, six days on the road, five at home, six out five back, six out, averaging 50 miles a day, visiting places near the boarders. Transport a bicycle (not an e-bike) with camping kit and luxuries, a comfort mattress, and a chair, total weigh 46kg. Ted, my constant companion, (Pilot Ted my Mother in law’s, she was known as Nana to all Toddington 41’ers as she had taken the number, & menu choices for our meetings for many years.)

The ride consisted of three legs, the first took him up the west side of E.A.A.A, normal operating area (Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, & Suffolk), and NW to Kings Lynn and round the coast to Wells Next the Sea, then back home, for five days’ rest, having completed the first 300 miles.

The second 300 miles took him across the South of the operation area to Felixstowe up to Lowestoft, and back home for 5 days again.

The third ride Hedley had the companionship of David White a Table members who has moved to Lincolnshire. Their route took them to Norwich for a visit the helipad

You will see my constant little companion Pilot Ted in all pictures. Even the first one above where he is taking a nap behind the saddle.

When they arrived most of the staff were outside cheering, and clapping, and buffet of cycling fuel (Including Cake). The Photo shows hosts Zoe & Lauren, in lounge overlooking the hanger.

After Norwich over to east coast at Yarmouth. The second picture above shows the bike on the rails on the Promenade, while ice creams were consumed. Then home, 306 miles, each bike with kit weighed more than 40 kilograms

David’s Heroic Ride.

David's bike had a catastrophic failure, a few miles on from Bury St. Edmonds. Was it the chain or rear mechanism.? The rear mech. was bent into the spokes, the chain had broken two spokes, causing the wheel to buckle. We ended up 'Jury rigging' the chain in middle gear (middle front chainwheel, middle rear sprocket), unfortunately the vertical rear dropouts, would not allow us to tension the chain.
David rode 76 miles; only having only to walk on one hill when his chain jumped to a higher gear, then he was unable to restart.

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