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The one and only Rock of Gibraltar.

Our background picture shows a great view of The Rock of Gibraltar, we took it looking from the new marina of Alcaidese in La Linea (just North of the Gibraltar airport runway) in Spain.

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The fasinating Rock of Gibraltar (look at the first picture below to see how it got the name Gibraltar). Generally a first port of call and a last port of call for all Royal Naval ships deployed to the Mediterranean or beyond. A great 'run ashore'

We visited Gibraltar on the way into the Mediterranean and again on the way out. Alan knows it well, having called at Gibraltar many times during his time in the Royal Navy.

As can be seen in the third picture, we were lucky enough to have been ashore when the 'ceremony of the keys' was enacted in full. Every night the keys are secured to safeguard the border between Gibraltar and Spain (tradition) but only periodically is the full ceremony enacted.

Our good friend David joined us here by flying into Gibratar (quite an experience in itself). David is shown in the picture sitting on the shoulder of the monkey dressed in a red shirt lol (sorry Dave, I could not resist it). David also takes pride of place sitting on the 'monument' that is set in Gibraltar to recognise that the peak of Gibraltar itself is the Northern Pillar of Hercules. The identity of the southern Pillar, Abila Mons, has long been disputed throughout history, with the two most likely candidates being Monte Hacho in Ceuta (just across the straight separating Gibraltar from Africa) and Jebel Musa in Morocco.

It is not often, these days, that you will see a number of British warships gathered in Gibraltar but, again, we were lucky enough to see several ships whilst we were there

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