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Toddington Local Projects

This page covers Community Projects undertaken by Round Table and Ladies Circle. It covers the many and varied tasks that Table and Circle carried out over the years to assist the local area residents. The tasks consisted of funds to carry out the projects and the manpower in order to complete them to a high standard.

Feoffee Yard Project

The first, very early in the life of Table and Circle, major project undertaken was that of work on one of the old peoples cottages in Feoffee Yard.

Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner


One of the most joyful of events put on by Table and Circle was the Christmas Dinner for Toddington Senior Citizens. The hall was booked the tables etc laid out and the food prepared. Complete with Christmas Crackers and party hats, everyone involved had a wonderful time. This project became an annual event, and even now still takes place (though many of the Tables and Circlers (41 Club and Tangles) are old enough to be recipients lol.

Christmas Float

Toddington Round Table built its first 'Christmas Float' the year of its Charter. The idea being born to cutout and create two reindeer and the slay. The task of cutting this out of plywood fell to the volunteers from Table and was achieved in a barn on the farm of Tabler Roger Randle, our thanks to Roger and his family.

The tradition has been repeated every year since and has raised great amounts of money for the local communities.

Handicapped Typing Club

Toddington Round Table became aware of a need to transport handicapped Typing Club members from their homes to the club activity base at the Parish Room by the Priory Church in Dunstable. So volunteers were asked for and the response was really good. A Rota was set up so that each Round Tabler knew when they were required and who they would be picking up and returning home. This was an excellent effort and each of the Tablers came to know the Typing Club individuals really well.

“Dunstable and District able bodied and disabled typing club” is now named the Hayward Club, renamed in honour of the founders, the late Mr. & Mrs. Hayward . Meeting at the Parish Rooms by the Priory Church, which has been their venue since inception. The club now use lap tops. Helping the member with computer skills, providing socials, outings, and a annual holiday.

The current Vice President

John Little, Ex Toddington Table.

Current Drivers who are Ex Toddington Tablers

Russell Aston - Edward Denmark - Steven Jenkins - John Keech - Chris Osborn - Iain Robertson - Einar Sveinbjornsson - Steve Killinger


Hedley Denmark - Ex Round Table
Joanna Denmark - Ex Ladies Circle & Tangent.

Adventure Playground

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