The Places we went and what we did there.

This page includes three Google maps, showing where and when H.M.S. Eagle carried out all of the tasks assigned to her during the 4th Commission between 1964 and 1966.

The Google maps are fully functional, you can use your mouse to move the map around (up, down, left and right) or to zoom in and out. If you click on the 'balloons' in many cases you will be rewarded by a picture of the place and a little bit of text to advise you what was happening.

H.M.S. Eagle was 'commissioned' on the 14th June 1964 and carried out her 'work-up' exercises on and off until the end of September when she headed down to Brest (France) on her first foreign visit from the 1st to 3rd of October. After the visit to Brest, the next port of call for the ship was Gibraltar for her second overseas visit from the 15th to the 22nd October 1964. We then returned to Devonport.

The second part was to the Middle and Far East for 6 months before returning to Devonport

The final leg took us back to the Middle and Far East for a full year.

The fourth commission of HMS Eagle, departed Plymouth for Sea Trials on the 19th May 1964 (the day after my 19th birthday). This was the start of two and a half years serving on this great ship.

On the maps below are many 'balloons' and 'circles' and a fair few what appear to be overlapping 'tracks'. As the map is quite small on the web page you will have to make it bigger by clicking on the square corners shape at the top right hand side, or you can zoom in and out and move the map around using your cursor.

The actual latitude and longitude of the places where exercises took place and where incidents occurred are exact only where they have been mentioned in our 'Commission Book' or where I have managed to find co-ordinates and dates in the book HMS Eagle 1942 - 1978 by Neil McCart (my thanks to him as I do take the liberty of using some of his text on these pages). In other places I have had to take some 'artistic licence' in the placing of 'balloons' and 'tracks' as I do not have any exact information. Also I have taken the liberty of separating the 'tracks taken' when moving backwards and forwards between places (Aden, Mombasa, Aden, Mombasa being an example), in order to try and keep some clarity, the 'balloons' are also separated so may not appear in the exact location (visiting Aden and Mombasa several times I have placed the balloons apart from each other even though the end berth or anchorage was the same). My apologies to Neil McCart and anyone else who knows greater detail but I believe the maps below to be a fair representation of what happened during each of the 4th Commission legs.

Remember you must enlarge the maps or zoom into particular areas to see more detail.

For Flying Exercises I have changed the marker into a circle with a fixed wing aeroplane shown on it and made the colour GREEN. Where accidents have occurred I have changed the color of the 'circle' makers to RED with the type of aircraft shown on it (fixed wing or helicopter).

Work-up, Brest and Gibraltar

Eagle carried out work-up exercises around Plymouth and then headed out on a visit to Brest on the Northwest Atlantic coast of France. From there we headed off to visit Gibraltar. After good visits we then returned direct to Devonport. Click on any of the 'hot air baloons' to see a picture of the place and a little info.

The outward leg 'balloons' are coloured BLUE and the return leg ones are coloured DARK GREEN (Tan type colour).

Middle East and Far East, First Leg

This was the first long trip East of Suez, for Eagle to join the Far East Fleet.

The Second and Final Middle East and Far East Leg

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