39°09.3'N - 2°55.8'E

The Hidden Gem of the Mediterranean

Our background picture is of the beautiful little known island of Cabrera which sits approximately 5nm South East of Mallorca.

Cabrera is run by the military and is strictly controlled, yachtsmen have to obtain a permit to visit the island and there are some restrictions of where you are allowed to roam. However, once you have made all the necessary arrangements, arriving at the wonderful Puerto de Cabrera is a treat that every yachtsman and yachtswoman should try to experience at least once in the sailing life. Inside the port, which is in fact a large well sheltered bay (with a good narrow entrance widening out into a clover leaf large bay. The military have laid out different coloured bouys for different size yachts, so there is no anchoring, one is directed to the bouys assigned for your size of vessel and you moor to one of these for the duration of your stay. There is no cost for using the moorings.

Jan & Max on their catamaran Mambo were in company with us and, whilst on Mallorca we called the appropriate number to ask for permission to visit Cabrera, and Alan's little bit of Spanish language came in handy for making ourselves understood. Really a very special place.

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