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Malta (including Camino and Gozo) are islands set almost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.  During the last war, Malta was attacked time and again but, against all odds, the islands and the people emerged victorious.  The United Kingdom had been in Malta for many years and our King awarded the people of Malta with the George Cross (the only country ever to be awarded such a status).
Doreen & I had spent 2 years in Malta, with the RN and had had a great time.  Alan worked in the Comcen in Lascaris whilst Doreen took care of our, then, young son Daryl. The Maltese people are among the best in the world and we just love visiting these wonderful islands.  As you will see we spent the winter of 2005/6 here, in Msida, and we had a really good time with new found friends as well as several other cruisers.  We also spent some time here on our return journey from Turkey in 2007.  The Malta Carnival is one of the most spectacular carnivals we have ever seen.  Wonderful floats and dancing (fancy dress) and all held in the fantastic square in Valetta.
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