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The harbour we pulled into was Fiumicino at the mouth of the river Tigre (Rome’s river).  It is from this location that we visited Rome.  Our friend David arrived to join us and help us get down to Sicily.  

When we departed from Rome (after some 9 days), we called at the island of Ponza.

Then we  called into the island of Ischia before heading into the bay of  Napoli.  Our main stop in this area was an anchorage outside the town of Torre from where we visited Pompeii.

Italy was a surprise to us, we had heard that it was very very expensive and that the people could be a little hostile. Our findings, however, were quite different.  We were lucky enough to find berths and anchorages where we actually paid little or nothing.  The people could not have been more helpful, even down to the taxi driver who brought us from Rome back to Fiumicino for less that the price of the bus and train.

Overall we had an excellent time in Italy and would certainly return there.  In addition to the main ports shown on the left, we also anchored off  Anzio for a night (It was a little exposed but good holding), and anchored in the harbour at Porto Di Bagnoli.  This latter port looked like it was going to be a very rough and ready place but in fact the people were very good to us and we had a very pleasant stay.