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Welcome again to our web site and we hope you enjoy browsing through the many pages.  Please note that you can click on any of the thumbnail pictures and, hopefully, that will take you to a larger view. You can also click on each of the ‘mustard’ coloured headings to take you direct to that page.  Or use the menu.
One of the most important things you learn, whilst cruising, is that there are many thousands of cruisers ‘out there’. Young, old, single handed and full blown families, big boats, little boats, old boats and new, there are lots of other folk enjoying the cruising life.
It is also fact that along the way you are sure to need help and you can bet that there is someone among the cruisers about you who will be able to offer help. Long term cruisers tend to live by the saying saying ‘Pay Forward’ which means that in return for assistance from one person, you are bound to be able to help several other people sometime in the future (a great concept).  This page is dedicated to many of the people we have met during our travels, a number of whom have become good friends.
Latest News
This page is probably the one that will interest other people who are considering heading out for several years (or more) long distance cruising.  We thought we knew ‘everything’ when we set out, we invested in gadgets for Kiah quite heavily, over the years it has turned out that some of our investments have proven successful, some have been complete failures (everything else being between these two extremes).  On the learning curve page(s) we try to tell you what we have found and how we feel about the particular item (anchors, liferafts, etc).  Please remember that these are our views only. Some of the things worked for us, some did not, we are giving here our candid opinion of each item as it affected us.
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