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37°09.73'N  007°23.74'W
Not really wanting to go up a river, Alan reluctantly went along with Doreen’s wishes and together with Norm and Maria on Bella Horizonte we crept under the bridge (thought to be       at low water) and had a wonderful sail almost all the way up to Alcutim (Portuguese side) and San Lucar (Spanish side).  

The Guadiana River is the border between Portugal and Spain, Portugal being on the Western side and Spain on the Eastern side (the actual border being right down the middle of the river).  

This turned out to be a wonderful time for us and we really enjoyed the company of Norm & Maria, more so as Maria is fluent in Portuguese.  We first called in to a very small village called Laranjeiras, where Norm, Maria and ourselves were warmly welcomed. Norm is known there by the name of Captain.  Then it was on to Alcutim where we anchored out for a few wonderful days.
Above is a wonderful picture showing the entrance to the Guadiana River.  The towns of Vila Real, Portugal (on the left) and Ayamonte, Spain (on the right).  The bridge that worried us at first, can be seen in the top right of the picture.

Top second  picture down, on the right, shows a view of San Lucar, taken from Alcutim.  The next one down a picture of Doreen, Maria and Norm as we took a little rest and drink in Alcutim. The bottom two are views of Kiah tied up at Laranjeiras.