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Jim, Sharon and their children Michelle, James, Martin and Peter were heading North back to Ireland when they suddenly thought “why are we going North to the cold instead of South to the Sun”.  We met them after that decision in Graciosa in the Canary Islands.  We have spent much time in their company and they are a lovely family and great friends.  We crossed the Atlantic together both ways and Wendreda is now in Praia da Vitoria just across the pontoon from Kiah.
Jan & Max on Mambo
Roj & Fan on Hulaballoo
John & Jane on Tara III
Bob & Liz on Yanina
Norm & Maria on Bella Horizonte
Jim, Sharon & Kids on Wendreda

We first met Jan & Max when they arrived in Almerimar in November 2004, the very same day and time that we arrived.    Since then we have had many good times together and we are grateful to them for their help and advice on many aspects of living aboard.   Sadly our good friend Max passed away in 2010.

Almerimar winter 2004 was the place that we also first met Fan & Roj.  We cruised in company with Fan & Roj for some time, from Mahon (Minorca) to Sardinia and then again from Sardinia to Rome and several places down the Italian coast as far as Capri.  Here we parted company as we headed off to Sicily and Fan & Roj stayed around the Naples area.

Talk about fate!!!!  This picture of John & Jane on Tara III is an amazing picture simply because it so easily may not have been taken.  Let me explain.  John Kerr (in the picture) and I worked together for several years in Australia and New Zealand, from early 1990.

Another couple we first met in Almerimar and have spent some time sailing in company.  We wintered in Malta and Turkey in the same marinas.  We crossed the Ionian Sea twice at the same time and had a great three day car adventure to the rocks and monasteries of Meteora in Greece.  Liz & Bob are both great designers and musicians and Bob is also a very talented cartoonist. In this picture Doreen is shown with Bob & Liz with the beautiful harbour of Vathi (Greek Ionian Islands)in the background.  

We first met Norm and Maria in Portugal and accepted their invitation to sail with them up the Guadiana river to a little place called Laranjeiras and then onto the main town of Alcutim.  Lovely couple and we really enjoyed their company, Maria speaks fluent Portuguese so she and Norm are old friends with many people in the villages and towns of the Guadiana.  Sadly Norm passed away in 2007.

Friends On Route
Richard & Caroline on Mianda
John & Leslie on Amie
Julian & Tanya on Ouma
Peter & Carol on Fulmarus
It’s amazing the people you meet whilst cruising.  This picture shows Peter & Carol who are friends from Tollesbury, our home port on the East Coast of England.  They had travelled down through the French canals and we met up with them in Puerto Pollensa (Mallorca) and travelled in company with them to Mahon (Menorca) before they headed back to mainland Spain and we went on to Sardinia.
Rich & Lena on Big Sur
Chris & Lesley on Millstream Magic

John & Leslie were the first people we really met and spent some time with, when we were both berthed in Albufeira.  It turned out that they were looking for somewhere to spend their first winter too.  We hired a car and drove all the way down to Barbate to have a look.  In the end we all decided that Almerimar was a better option, so we wintered in Almerimar with John & Leslie too.

We first met up with Mianda in Barbate when we were waiting to head round into Gibraltar.  After that time we have met Caroline, Richard, Christopher and Henry on a number of occasions and had some very pleasant times with them.  Particularly anchored in a large bay at the top of Paros (Aegean Island), where we had a beach party followed by drinks and entertainment on Mianda till the late hours. A lovely family and great company.  Hope we can get to see you in France soon guys.

We met Tanya, Julian and their young daughter Grace on the Ionian Island of Megannisi, in the beautiful harbour of Spartahori.  Grace is just amazing managing to find her way around Ouma with very little trouble, Doreen & I were amazed at how well she did.  Then she shocked us again by swimming with mum & dad (and us) off the harbour wall in some quite high waves.

We anchored in Andraitx and just inside us were Rich & Lena on Big Sur.  We met up with them again in Sant Antoni in Ibiza and then stayed in company all the way back to Almerimar, calling in at Calpe, Torrevieja, Cartegena (great festival see Special Visits) and Garrucha.  Rich & Lena kindly invited us to stay for a few days in their beautiful home in the mountains near Colleta, we had a great time.  Sadly their wonderful son Dan passed away in 2008.

We met up for the first time in Gozo and found we intended spending the winter 2005 together in Malta's Msida Marina.  Doreen & I are ex Royal Navy and so are Leslie & Chris, so there was an immediate common interest.  A great winter in Malta, also with Bob & Liz and Nigel & Alison.  The picture below is taken at the Malta Festival in Valletta (see Special Visits) and, you may notice, everyone is wearing good coats, the weather was quite cold. Chris and Leslie lets have a few more pics please.

Raymond & Shirley on Charlotte II
Ian & Sue on  Pulsar II

Another nice couple we met first in Barbate but wintered with in Almerimar, Raymond & Shirley were good sports and good company.  I have to pick out more photographs of this couple (particularly of Burns night where lots of whiskey was consumed and a lot of fun had by all).  Have not seen Shirley & Ray since we spent one night at anchor in the same harbour as them (Torrevieja), they were heading up the Spanish coast to go round France to Italy I think.

Another great Almerimar couple on a lovely Swan.  We wintered with Sue & Ian in Malta in 2005 and met them later in the Peloponnese (see Special Visits section Monemvassia).  We have had a few good 'sun downers' and even delightful meals with Ian & Sue.  It is great to know that whereas Ian was not too struck on Malta when he first visited, he and Sue are now considering purchasing a property there.  Well done guys Alan thinks it is the place to be.