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Our first wintering place, Almerimar marina is an extra-ordinary place with room for over 1100 yachts (in the water).  Almerimar is a holiday town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, in the Almeria district of Andalucia.  We could not have chosen a better place.

Here we met many people who had ‘just set out’ very much like ourselves.  Many had come down the same way as Kiah, some had been purchased in the Med and sailed West to Almerimar.  We had a great winter, though the weather had a few surprises for us as you will see in a couple of the pictures.  The entrance is easy day or night in all but heavy Southerly or Southwesterly winds and seas.  With heavy seas behind you have to keep close to the outer breakwater and turn only at the last minute, to try and get inside the breakwater quickly. BUT be very careful, it can be a bit tricky in heavy seas.