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Our home for two years

This first video (left) shows a couple of us helping one of the yachts leave their berth on the seaward side of the outter pontoon where they had been berthed for their short stay.

Following a visit to Horta on the Island of Faial, we returned to Praia de Vitoria. We were assigned a temporary berth on the outside of Wendreda on the 'inside' of the seaward pontoon (in the background picture we are the yacht with the yellow hoop lifebelt visible on our Port quarter, with our bow pointing to the sea wall) but in the second video (left) we were being helped into a better berth (parallel to the sea wall, the background picture motor boat having moved). You will see Doreen heading up to the bow and throwing a line to our friend ashore, a good job). Our great thanks to the guys who were ready and willing to help pull us into the berth.

Praia de Vitoria is a small town on the Island of Terceira in the Portuguese Islands of the Azores. Our arrival in the Azores, from Bermuda, was into the Island of Faial and the port of Horta. When we arrived we were very impressed and heard about this place called Praia de Vitoria on Terceira that was considered a good place to over winter.

So after a couple of weeks in Horta, we set sail for Terceira and Pria de Vitoria, however we did go via the Island of .

Praia de Vitoria is a really special place, with a small marina. Praia became home from home for us, the place is lovely, the island quite an adventure what with the airport built by the American airforce many years back and the center of the island being somewhat volcanic. The people are very friendly and welcoming indeed and we were lucky enough to make some really good friends during our stay.

Images in and around Praia

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